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Review: Bigfoot Sasquatch: Evidence by Grover S. Krantz

Bigfoot Sasquatch: Evidence by Dr. Grover S. Krantz is an outstanding book on the sasquatch phenomenon that should be on every serious bigfoot hunter’s reading list.

One of the big problems with paranormal topics is that, as far as science is concerned, the issues in question simply aren’t real. Sadly, most books on paranormal phenomena really do little to alter this. In most cases, the author will simply recite strange stories told by everyday people and offer them up as evidence that the world still holds some mysteries. Such books usually make for entertaining reading, and people can choose to believe or not, but ultimately they have little impact because the science just isn’t there. This book is different.

The late Dr. Grover Krantz was in a rare position for an author on the paranormal: he was actually very qualified to study the phenomena at hand. As a professor of anthropology, Dr. Krantz was able to analyze data on the sasquatch with true scientific method. Few authors on the bigfoot phenomena are particularly qualified to use this approach, and fewer still are the academics who would risk their careers on such a controversial topic. As you might expect, Krantz himself faced considerable criticism from his peers for his continued pursuit of the sasquatch.

The book itself addresses historical evidence of the sasquatch from a variety of scientific angles. Dr. Krantz analyzes footprints and footprint casts first hand, and gives very in-depth explanations about the physical characteristics they display. He studies famous video evidence, and recreates the scenarios mathematically to examine both the authenticity of the film, as well as its coherence with other evidence. The theoretical sasquatch anatomy and locomotion are also defined and examined in great scientific detail, drawing from the various evidence collected. The book is peppered with many good photographs, illustrations, and diagrams, all used to support the topics being discussed. The majority of the content lies somewhere between a biology textbook and a CSI case reconstruction file. There is also an appendix which includes a few of Krantz’ prior scientific articles from earlier in his career, which are referenced in the text.

It is important to note that Dr. Krantz only works with evidence he can examine first hand. He does not give credence to hearsay or studies by other individuals, and this lends strongly to the credibility of his conclusions. He does, however, compare his results with those of fellow researchers, often to support his work. He also maintains a very calm, level-headed approach to a topic often plagued with exaggeration and assumption, and does well to distance himself from the “lunatic fringe” which often sullies paranormal studies.

The only caveat to Evidence is that this is some heavy, occasionally dry reading (which is not particularly surprising considering the scientific nature of the content). The usual dramatic reports of sasquatch sightings are replaced with in-depth anatomical and mathematical data. This book will certainly enrich the mind, and in my opinion has the power to create many new believers in the sasquatch phenomena, but it will not make for entertaining campfire tales. Folks with no prior experience in the sasquatch phenomena may want to start out with some lighter reading.

A truly serious and methodical take on an infamously slippery topic, Bigfoot Sasquatch: Evidence can only be considered a vital work on the sasquatch phenomena. I salute the late Dr. Krantz for both his scientific vision and his unwavering dedication to uncovering the truth in the face of adversity.

Rating: 5/5